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The Heroes and Villain

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Charles Osgood, the Conman

Age: 26

Height: 5’6”

Hometown: A pitiful city of coal and salt. It eschews pleasure in exchange for a constant aimless remorse. What of the fabulous Utah landscape? Yes, there are beautiful mountains and lakes, but the God-fearing pageantry gives one a stomach ulcer. Do not travel here. Perhaps Reno, instead?


Likes: A tightly-rolled cigar with a cup of bubbly brew

Dislikes: A tightly-wound cowboy with a white knight complex

Hopes: Oh the usual: fortune, power, life eternal. A shared smile over tea on a train might do, but these hopes are, I’ve found, less likely to manifest than the former. One can cheat the dealer, feign their position, and a new chance at life is always one carefully worded bargain away.

Fears: Mustachioed gentlemen, bullets, and The Book of Mormon

Special Talent: The court jester is always underestimated, my dear.

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Helix full color full body character art

Helix, the Banished Goddess

Age: 370 millions of years old and some change, but my fake ID says 22

Height: 5’7”

Hometown: The Heavens, sadly, but in my heart, the Bronx is my home

Likes: Coda, parties, party games, dancing, karaoke, nightclubs, skating, college parties, disco balls, etc.

Dislikes: Sardines, when people clap out of rhythm, killjoys, Spectra, being worshipped (it sounds cool at first but it really isn’t), parties that end before midnight but not because the cops showed up

Hopes: To make it back to 1987 in one piece

Fears: My mom will never answer my prayers

Special Talent: They didn't name me New York's Best DJ three years in a row for NOTHING!

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Jesse full color full body character art

Jesse, the Southpaw

Age: 21

Height: 6’1”

Hometown: Abilene, Kansas 

Likes: Buckwheat cakes, the orange glow of sunset, the smell of fresh ink.

Dislikes: Charles Osgood

Hopes: To see the fear in the Sam Vogel Gang’s eyes as they fall by my hand one by one.

Fears: Mind your business.

Special Talent: I don’t miss.

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Emi full color full body character art

Emi, the Vengeful Ex

Age: Eternal

Height: 5’3”

Hometown: The Heavens. Technically the Void, but oh my gods like I’d ever spend much time there.


Likes: Chanel N°5, poodle skirts, and Helix's everlasting love.

Dislikes: HUMANS. Dis-gust-ing. Have you ever smelled one? They're nothing but sweat and suffering. Blar! Obviously, I was not super for their creation, but, like, the other Gods are complete idiots. 

Hopes: That once Helix and I put all this silly banishment business behind us she’ll understand what needs to be done for like the sake of, you know, everything.

Fears: Oh my gods, can you imagine? A goddess like me experiencing fear. That’s hilarious!

Special Talent: All my talents are special. ❤️

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