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The Podcast

When Helix, the Messenger God of Sound, gets yanked from the 1980s and sent to the 1880s by her abusive ex-lover, the God of Time, she must forge unlikely alliances with two humans: Jesse, a cowboy out for revenge, and Charles,  a conman running from his past. The three of them embark on a journey across the American West, each with their own goals and secrets waiting to be revealed.

Throughout the season, the characters' travels take them to dangerous wastelands, the lawless town of Deadwood, roller rinks in the middle of nowhere, a magical showboat on the Missouri River, and many more unexpected places. Magic and the American West collide in this kooky western about three strangers struggling to work together.

RADIO: Outcast's logo. A record in the center, a gun barrel on the inside, and a bird on each side.

The Heroes

A conman posing as a cartographer, a fallen goddess, and a vengeful cowboy form an unlikely trio as they travel across the American West in 1887 following a trail of mysterious otherworldly towers.

Click on the pictures below to learn more about them and to get a glimpse of the show's big bad villain.

Character art of Charles, a young man with white hair, smirking & holding a cigarette in one hand.

Charles Osgood

Character art of Helix. A middle eastern woman, wearing a yellow dress and lightning bolt earrings.


Character art of Jesse. A young black cowboy. One hand is on his gun the other on his hat's brim.

Jesse Rogers

Thank You to Everyone Who Has Helped Support the Show!!!

And a special shout-out to our Season 2 backers:

Carissa Atallah

John and Sarah Hughes
Nico Galasso
Melissa LeJeune
Newton Schottelkotte
Lisbeth Sosa
Consuelo Urrea
Eloise Bernier
Tal Minear
Patrick Carroll
Jay Roseberry

Echoes (In) Between
Valeria Vidaurrazaga
Robert Shaw
Jerit LeJeune
Kaden Smith
Jamie Hughes
Dylan Rua
Patricia Delara
Luise Noe

Hannah Wright
Timothy Barnes
Janine Pouroy Gamblin
Tyler Schafman
Carmen T. Urrea Sanchez
Kevin Hsieh
Jade Scott
Marnie Warner

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