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The Showrunners

Our writing and production team met while at graduate school at UC Riverside. Between classes and tacos at the school pub, Maria Fernanda Vidaurrazaga approached JT Lachausse with an idea for a narrative podcast. With JT on board, the two started planning the season and brought Ann Hughes on as the team's producer. One year and some change later, the show is finally ready for release!

Photograph of Maria Fernanda Vidaurrazaga. Brunette smiling, wearing gold hoop earrings and glasses.
Photograph of JT Lachause. He's grinning while leaning back in his chair with one leg on his desk.
Photograph of Ann Hughes. Short blond hair. She sits on a boulder with her knees up, looking left.

Maria Fernanda Vidaurrazaga (she/her)

​Co-creator, Director, Spectra

Maria Fernanda Vidaurrazaga is a writer of many hats based in California. When she's not at her day job or working on this podcast, she's writing a novel about bureaucratic superheroes.

JT Lachausse


Co-creator, Sound Designer, Remy "Ruthless" Morrel

JT Lachausse is a co-writer and producer for RADIO: Outcast. A PhD candidate at UW Milwaukee, he's working on a novel about Cajun and queer childhoods in Gulf Texas.

Ann Hughes


Producer, Dialogue Editor, Emi

Ann Hughes is a writer and actor fueled by her love of animals (including humans). She’s writing a fantasy show about magical cows and confused, gay royalty. 

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The Cast

Photograph of Dan Stevens. Brunette man with long hair, a bushy beard and mustache. He's smiling.

Daniel Abraham Stevens

Charles Osgood

Dan voices for the english dub of the game Phantasy Star Online 2, the Netflix show 'Dark,' and is an Audible narrator. Look for Dan as 'Jimmy Humpton' in the soon to be released feature "What's my Name Again?" as well as 'Jackson' in the soon to be released short film "Strangers."

Connect with Dan at and on IG @YetAnotherDanStevens

Photograph of Jade Duong. Young, Asian woman with light brown and blond hair. She is smiling softly.

Jade Duong



Jade enjoys balancing her time between making gaming content and acting. She also cosplays and does voice imitations on TikTok at @buffjadepls.


Ivory Amor D’Francisca


Jesse Rogers

Actor, Director, Poet Ivory D’Francisca, currently enrolled at The University of The Arts in central Philadelphia. He feels blessed to performing again after an entire year in the Covid-19 Pandemic, ecstatic to showcase his fresh take on Jesse Rogers, The Southpaw, in RADIO: Outcast.

Twitter: @holyshitivory

IG: @iv_o_ry


Griffin Otto Deniger


Roy Matthews, DJ Furtrap, Mayor Orville Lyngood, Mada, etc.

Griffin is a long-time actor and performer, and a recent graduate of UC Riverside, where he studied Acting and Theatre and also worked as a Stage Manager. He can’t wait to get back to it by helping tell the exciting new story of RADIO: Outcast.

Twitter: @GriffinODeniger
IG: griffin_otto_deniger

Daniel Sotelo.jpg

Daniel Sotelo



Daniel is an actor and musician. He’s currently enrolled at Cal State Fullerton where he studies music. He’s excited to showcase his bird sounds in the RADIO: Outcast. A skill set that doesn’t normally come in handy, even as an actor. 



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