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For​ an audio drama featuring the Messenger God of Sound, music is incredibly important, that's why we found ourselves a great composer. Samuel Kinsella is the man behind the music. However, we've also been lucky enough to collaborate with many other amazing musicians like Gemyni, The Bins, and Peachface.


Samuel Kinsella



Samuel Kinsella is the mastermind composer behind the RADIO: Outcast's theme music and most of the music you hear throughout the show. Samuel has composed for other audio dramas as well as creating his own music. You can listen to the show's score on YouTube or listen to Samuel's music in the player below.

The Bins

From rocks to coins to comic cards, Clark Barclay was a kid obsessed with collecting. Today, his grown-up collecting fixation lives in the secondhand bins. Using rummaged found sounds, percussion instruments from all over the world, and strictly dollar bin records, The Bins tediously arranges sonic fragments into a mosaic; capturing an array of genres, cultures, and histories.

The Bins frequently collaborates with longtime friends Gabriel Soriano, Bobby Salehnejad, and Nardo Says (FKA Bobby Blunt). The Bins has also featured many of his favorite rappers, such as: Sole, YGTUT, Danny!, Dizzy Dustin (of Ugly Duckling), A-1, and Arata (of Living Legends). 
 The Bins has toured nationwide with STS9 and shared the stage with Theivery Cooperation, Grimes, King Krule, Sharon Von Etten, Eliott Lipp, Little People, Freddie Gibbs, Laurel Halo, Jim-E Stack, Cults, Azalea Banks, and others. His music is often labeled as sampledelia, plunderphonics, hip hop, trip hop, downtempo, and electronica.

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Gemyni is a singer-songwriter and producer born and raised in Colorado. Since recording her first self-written song at age 12, creating music has been her passion. She released her first single independently at the age of 17, titled 'Damned Love' under the name 'Gemini Rose'. Since then, she has honed her skills and released 8 more singles and 3 mini albums to create a total of 20 independently released songs. 

Gemyni is an artist that makes music for daydreamers. She creates stories in her head and tells them through her music, which is all produced and written by her alone. From classic fairytales with ball gowns and knights in shining armor to the neon lights and late-night drives of the 1980s, Gemyni has a song for each, unique world created in her mind.


algorithmically generated gay boy.

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